Private music lessons are an important path to greater enjoyment, achievement and success.  Having the wonderful opportunity to work one-on-one with a professional musician is one of the rare opportunities we have in the Washington Metropolitan area.  Nowhere else can students access the talents of the professional military bands of the United States.
Private lessons, in addition to nurturing their musical talents, also give the student experiences that can be translated into discipline for both academic and work-place environments.  The joy of mastery through carefully directed instruction and the results that come from personal investment are invaluable to the growth of our young people, not only as musicians but as citizens in our community.
What to look for in a private teacher?  Experience is good, of course.  So are successful careers in music, especially in education.  Qualified teachers are not found through resumes though.  The right fit with the student is ultimately the goal.  If they work well together, the results can be incredible.

Private lessons can range in cost and time.  Commonly , lessons are 30 minutes long and range in cost from $30 to $40.  Longer lessons can be negotiated with the teacher.

Instruction is available for the following instruments:

Caroline Clouse (
Wednesdays after school
Horns and Trumpet
Leslie "Les" Linn (
Mondays and Thursdays after school
Low Brass
Chris Buckley (
Tuesdays after school


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